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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the most frequently asked questions to help you learn how to participate and receive our member benefits. If you have any other questions or concerns, please call us at (954) 514-7860.


What's the Fun Club all about?


Our members have all the benefits of owning their own RV with none of the costs or hassles that come with it. Ultimately giving you more time to enjoy the open road with friends and family.


We own the RVs and take care for all the things owners hate having to care of and pay for,including maintenance,insurance,storage and even cleaning.

We strive to provide a carefree alternative to RV ownership at a fraction of the cost of owning an RV while maintaining the highest quality of service.


How do I know there will always be availability?


We maintain a ratio of rv to usage so that all our members are able to get an rv everytime.

Our reservation system ensures all members have equal access to our RV's,plus members can make their reservations up to a year in advance.  In addition we offer standby availablity.


How do I make a reservation?


Reservations can be made by calling us on (954)256-8202 anytime between 9-4 Monday to Saturday.


What types of RV's do you have to offer?


We have a wide variety of RV's to choose from, we have everything from pop ups,travel trailers,5th wheels,toy haulers to 45 ft motor homes.


In our platinum membership you have access to everything in our fleet.



Is there a limit on how many times I can use the RV's in a year?


No,you have unlimited usage on our RV's.


Who can I bring RV'ing with me?


As long as a member is present you can bring friends,family,guests and children.

Many of our members entertain important business clients and also corporate events.


Can I join even if I am new to RV'ing or do not have a special license?


Membership is open to RV'ers from any and every skill level. The safety and orientation class is free with membership. Training will depend on members own experience level.  If you want to really enjoy your trip, we also offer drivers who will take you where ever you would like to go.

No special license is required.


Does the RV Fun Club allow for RV trade in?



Yes! We have a great trade in program available for RV owners. Call the office and speak with Ivan Smith our Sales Manager who will go over details and evaluate your current RV.

RV trade in provides you with the ability to become a member of the club and stop worrying about the hassle of trying to sell it yourself.








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